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Tori Pugh, Kentucky

We are starting the book on Monday and the students are vey excited to about their business.  The students have decided to make friendship pins and sell them at our carnival next Friday.  The money they raise, they are donating it to a charity called Miracle Point.  This charity is raising money to build a handicap playground in their community.  I am so proud of all my students and the ownership they have showed.  I have taken on the social studies part of the program, our math teacher has put together math questions about how much money we have spent, what we are going to sell the pins for and how much we need to sell to make a profit, the writing teacher is working on posters for our advertisement and the reading teacher is reading the book with them.  This has been a great opportunity for the whole 5th grade team to work together on one project and we all have absolutely loved it.  

On another note, we are using comprehension questions, along with vocabulary to help incorporate reading lessons along the way.