The Student Pre- and Post-Tests are based on The Basic Economics Test for 5th and 6th grade students. The Basic Economics Test is a nationally standardized and normed assessment. The assessment consists of 12 questions and is intended to measure student understanding of economic content covered throughout the program. 

Student Pre-Test

Student Post-Test

Teacher Pre-Test

Teacher Post-test

Reading Literacy ELA Lesson Plans

Day 1 “Danny Dollar”

Day 2 “Twisted Sister” and “Cha Church”

Day 3 “Shoes or Lose” and “The Man with the Plan”

Day 4 “Stand By Me,” “Pablo’s Revenge,” and “Lemon-Paid”

Day 5 “The Mayor of Hurl” and “The Front Page Blues”

Day 6 “Making A Stand” and “The Skybox Rocks”

Day 7 “Way to go, CEO!”

Day 8 “Bucks for Ducks” and “The Closing Bell”

Social Studies and Financial Literacy Lesson Plans 

Developed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland 

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