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Where It All Started


Where it All Started

In 2008 corporate executive Ty Allan Jackson was asked a question by his 6-year-old son AjayiJackson that would change his life. “Hey dad, can we open a lemonade stand?” In only three hours Ajayi made $50.00 selling lemonade, prompting him to ask, “Dad, what am I going to do with all this money?” When given a question that he doesn’t know the answer, Ty was taught by his mother to find those answers in a book. Unable to find a book that could teach children about finance and entrepreneurship, Ty decided to create one. That book is titled Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire: Lemonade Escapade. Today Ty is no longer an executive. He is an award-winning children’s book author. Since its publication, Danny Dollar has been turned into a serial story in numerous newspapers around the county and even adapted into a theatrical play. Ty is thrilled to be an author whose book has inspired countless children around the world to dream big!  

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The Danny Dollar Academy


Danny Dollar Academy (DDA) is a partnership between Ty Allan Jackson, children’s book author and founder of Big Head Books, and the Northern Kentucky University Center for Economic Education (CEE) in collaboration with the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. It was founded in 2016 by NKU CEE and Ty Allan Jackson with the aim of promoting financial and reading literacy and entrepreneurship to students in grades 3-6 across the nation. The program is based on the best-selling children’s book Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire: Lemonade Escapade.


As part of the program, participating schools will have the opportunity to: 

1. Attend a professional development workshop

2. Complete a student pre-test

3. Complete a teacher pre-test

4. Read the book with the class

5. Facilitate the standards-aligned classroom curriculum

6. Create a project based on the book. Examples include:

a. A business

b. Digital media presentation

c. Music composition

d. Visual arts

7. Attend an author visit with Ty Jackson

8. Complete a student post-test

9. Complete a teacher post-test



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