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Danny Dollar Academy (DDA) is a partnership between Ty Allan Jackson, children’s book author and founder of Big Head Books, and the Northern Kentucky University Center for Economic Education (CEE) in collaboration with the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. It was founded in 2016 by NKU CEE and Ty Allan Jackson with the aim of promoting financial and reading literacy and entrepreneurship to students in grades 3-6 across the nation. The Danny Dollar Academy program accompanies the best selling children’s book children’s book Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire: Lemonade Escapade.


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The DDA curriculum includes 9 financial literacy lesson plans to accompany the book. We provide a pacing guide to help educators implement the program.

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Information Session

Teachers attend information sessions as part of the Danny Dollar Academy.

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Access to Books

Schools that participate in the Danny Dollar Academy receive discounted books. Each participating student receives their own copy of the book.

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A Project-Based Learning Curriculum

Students will engage in a hands-on project based learning capstone that will leverage the financial literacy and entrepreneurship concepts learned throughout the program

This video is of Wheatley Elementary's 2016 music production based on the concepts of Danny Dollar Academy. 

Shana Darden- 4-6 Grade Teacher

The students and I enjoy this program. The students really loved Danny Dollar. He was a character the students could relate to. The students loved the author visit and to be able to share their business presentation.

Connie May- 3rd Grade Teacher

My students and I loved engaging with the Danny Dollar Book. The activities were engaging and fun. Thank you for the opportunity.


Perry Chandrina- 3rd Grade Teacher

The program was outstanding. Many of my students started saving money, and bringing more money to school.